Robo Co-op Hosts a Hybrid Event at the Global Refugee Forum!


We're thrilled to announce our participation in the Global Refugee Forum by UNHCR at R-space (Refugee Led Space) in Geneva! Join us on Dec 12th, 4-5 PM, for our groundbreaking event: "Digital Inclusion of Refugees by Refugees."


πŸ€– As a pioneering digital refugee-led cooperative (RLC), we're set to unveil our innovative approach to empowering refugees. Discover how our digital cooperative model is revolutionizing the inclusion of refugees in the digital world.


🌐 Whether you're near or far, be part of this hybrid event and witness our unique ecosystem for digital inclusion. We're excited to showcase our innovations like the Career Impact Bond (the pay-it-forward scholarship) and Digital Impact Sourcing (IT outsourcing for good), marking a new era in refugee empowerment.


πŸ‘‰ Register now to join online or onsite! Let's innovate together for a more inclusive future.


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Onsite venue:

Coworking & Innovation Space - Impact Hub Geneva

🀝 Our GRF 2023 Pledge:

We're thrilled to announce our pledge for the Global Refugee Forum 2023! Our goal is bold but achievable:

  • Learn Together: Train 300 refugees across 10 ethnic groups with 10 NGOs and academic institutes.
  • Work Together: Generate $3M salaries for refugee workers with 10 tech partners.
  • Expand Together: Establish 100 community leaders for sustainable and scalable cooperative.

πŸ”— Read more about our pledge and how you can support us

Our journey in 2023 towards GRF:

Our founder, Jintae Kim, wrote a column to highlight our journey in 2023 for the digital inclusion of refugees by refugees.

πŸ”— Read more about our journey in 2023

Our new website:

Robo Co-op: Empowering Refugees in the Digital World

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