πŸš€ Robo Co-op's Journey Towards and Beyond GRF: Visionary Pledge for Digital Inclusion of Refugees by Refugees 🌐


From the Founder's Desk:

At Robo Co-op, our journey and vision started with a simple belief: every refugee has the potential to be a changemaker in the digital world. Our mission goes beyond traditional aid; we strive to empower refugees to become leaders and innovators in the digital landscape. We believe in harnessing the power of technology not just to provide temporary solutions but to create lasting change. By equipping refugees with digital skills, we're opening doors to new opportunities, fostering self-reliance, and redefining the narrative around refugee potential. Our work is a testament to the resilience and untapped talent in refugee communities, and every step we take brings us closer to a world where refugees are recognized as valuable contributors to the global digital economy.

Jintae KIM: Fouder / CEO of Robo Co-op

🀝 Our GRF 2023 Pledge:

We're thrilled to announce our pledge for the Global Refugee Forum 2023! Our goal is bold but achievable:

  • Learn Together: Train 300 refugees across 10 ethnic groups with 10 NGOs and academic institutes.
  • Work Together: Generate $3M salaries for refugee workers with 10 tech partners.
  • Expand Together: Establish 100 community leaders for sustainable and scalable cooperative.

πŸ”— Read more about our pledge and how you can support us

🌐Our event at GRF:
Robo Co-op will host a hybrid event at the global refugee forum 2023 at R-space (Refugee Led Space) in Geneva! Join us on Dec 12th, 4-5 PM in Geneva time, for our groundbreaking event: "Digital Inclusion of Refugees by Refugees"
πŸ”— Read more about our event at GRF


Reflecting on Our Milestones:

🌍 G7 Digital and Tech Ministers' Meeting (May 2023): Our presence at the G7 meeting in Japan, alongside partners Eukarya, the University of Tokyo, and UNHCR Japan, marked a significant step in our mission. This event highlighted the power of collaboration and innovation in creating sustainable solutions for refugees. Robo Co-op’s member from Congo is delivering test automation for Re:Earth, which is also developed by Eukarya’s Syrian members. Together with our partners, we believe in continuing to showcase how technology and skills development can transform the lives of refugees through impact hiring and impact sourcing.

Patrick (right), Robo Co-op’s member from Congo with another participant from Congo

Nour, Eukarya’s Syrian developer for Re:Earth

The Japanese digital minister seeing 3D Ukraine, the digital archive for peace

πŸ’‘ FOSS4G Prizren (June 2023): At FOSS4G in Kosovo, the global GIS conference, our partner Eukarya became a diamond sponsor! We had opportunity to give a keynote speech focused on the transformative power of digital inclusion for refugees. Observing Kosovo's remarkable recovery post-crisis, we are more committed than ever to integrating refugees into the digital marketplace. Our recent collaboration with Eukarya, as detailed in our recent press release, underpins this commitment.

Robo Co-op’s C mark with FOSS4G’s board members

Founder Jin at keynote about digital inclusion of refugees

πŸ† Automation Anywhere's Imagine Austin (September 2023): Receiving the Hope Award at Automation Anywhere's event was more than an honor; it was a validation of our efforts in refugee empowerment. This award represents a significant milestone, as detailed in our LinkedIn post and press release, underscoring our fruitful collaboration with Automation Anywhere in expanding global opportunities for refugees.

Hope Award by AA

Founder Jin to give speech for the hope award

Neeti (center), AA’s co-fouder and social impact officer, and
Danny (right) from Camara Education, a potential partner for the digital inclusion of Africa

πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡· Mission to Türkiye (October 2023): Our visit to Türkiye was heartwarming and insightful. Finally meeting Mohammad over two years, one of our active members from initiation, in person was a poignant reminder of the real-world impact of our work. We visited the border area of Türkiye and Syria affected by the large earthquake this year to see how we can bring hope. This mission also opened avenues for new projects, aiming to empower Syrian and Turkish students for social cohesion through local NGO and university collaborations.

Finally seeing our big brother Mohamad (center) over 2 years!

Meeting with UNHCR Istanbul
with an art by Syrian youth behind as a bridge between Syria and Türkiye

Meeting with MAPS, an international NGO to support Syrian refugees
to discuss partnership for education and job inclusion opportunity with digital skill

Meeting with Habitat for Humanity, an international NGO
to discuss partnership to strategize digital training and entrepreneurship incubation

πŸ… Tanween Mega Challenge (November 2023): Winning the education award at the Tanween Mega Challenge by Ithra in Saudi Arabia was a moment of pride and inspiration. This achievement, as shared in our LinkedIn post, reflects our innovative approach to designing solutions that cater to the unique needs of refugees.

Founder Jin with the education award at Ithra

C mark with diverse teammates from Bangladesh (Rohingya), UK (originally Nigeria),
Canada, and Saudi Arabia

Talk session with Hovig, the head of UNHCR innovation center

Ithra, the innovation center for the Tanween mega challenge for refugees

πŸ† World Summit Award Recognition (November 2023): Being recognized as one of Japan's most impactful digital solutions is not just an accolade but a testament to our dedication to making a difference. The World Summit Award, established in 2003 during the World Summit on the Information Society by the United Nations, has been recognizing digital innovation over 20 years to make the world a better place. Winners receive an invitation to the World Congress, scheduled for April 14-17, 2024, in Patagonia, Chile, where they can network with entrepreneurs and experts from over 180 countries. This recognition, detailed in this article, reinforces our commitment to leveraging digital solutions for meaningful refugee inclusion.

Roadmap for the World Summit Award

🀝 Shared Digital Center:
Last but not least, we have been incubating our sister company: Shared Digital Center (SDC). supports NGOs and social entrepreneurs to outsource their back office operations like accounting and HR, turning it into job opportunities for refugee women. Desk works from remote let refugee mothers to have a flexible work style to be able to take care of their children from home. Easy admin works also foster foundation for more advanced digital career development. Our pilot started to teach 5 Rohingya and Muslim mothers and women. Both Robo Co-op and SDC were interviewed for this web article by COURRiER JAPON, one of the most famous online media in Japan.

Khadiza (center), the Rohingya assistant manager of SDC
teaching other Rohingya and Muslim mothers.

Ecosystem of Robo Co-op with Shared Digital Center, the sister company,
for a greater social impact through impact sourcing

Join Us in This Pioneering Journey 🌟 Your support can transform lives. Let's collaborate to make this vision a reality. Together, we can redefine the narrative around refugee inclusion in the digital age.

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