Accelerate the DX of Corporates, Leveraging the Power of Refugees

Robo Co-op provides digital training to refugees for their second chance, solving the great shortage of digital talents for the global economy.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Want to utilize no-code or low-code technology, but lack experts...
  • Want to hire engineers, but recruitment agency fee is too expensive…
  • Tried to train internal staffs, but difficult to master and expand…

Leave it to Robo Co-op!

We can deliver the values you need.

Combining digital and individuality,
we propose the optimal outsourcing solution


Leveraging an unique characteristics
of refugees


Flexible work methods to leverage
refugees' strength

  1. CASE



    Test Automation

    Use RPA to test software for internationalization from remote for reasonable and flexible offshore automation.

  2. CASE


    Group Learning

    Customer Success

    Support software users’ customer success across the globe with our group learning method for anyone to be onboarded and learn digital skill (e.g. refugees teach global companies’ employees)

  3. CASE

    Recurrent Education

    Open Innovation

    Gen AI

    By opening up our internal workshops for continuous learning, facilitate open innovation lab with experts and corporates to pioneer new know-how of gen AI.

  4. CASE

    Time Difference


    Drone Operation

    To overcome driver shortage problem in the logistics industry, operate drones without language barrier from overseas through 5G, leveraging on time differences.

One Stop Solution for the Democratization of DX

We Can Co-Create Diverse Use Cases!

Pioneering Voice

  • Mohamad

    “I could become a teacher of digital skill to give hope to our new members in Robo Co-op. And I could start my digital career to support Silicon Valley’s development from Istanbul remotely!”

  • Rozma

    “After evacuating from Afghan, I could get a laptop, and start learning new digital skill with Robo Co-op! Now I am working as a digital expert and my dream is to teach our Afghan women in the future.”

Flow for Impact Sourcing

  • Inquiry

  • Check

    NDA via email

  • Proposal

  • Contract

  • Project

Easy and simple procedure

Just one or two weeks to make a contract on average
Firstly, check requirements with user departments

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Please contact us.