About us

About Us

Digital Refugee-led Cooperative
Where Everyone Can Support Each Other with Digital Skill

Robo Co-op is an online community where everyone supports each other with digital skill.
Anyone can join from anywhere and anytime.
We learn digital skill together in a group of five, incubating social capital through teamwork.
We work on digital projects together through flexible remote work.
We even expand together by letting our members teach new refugees, rewarding equally based on contribution, and making decision democratically as a cooperative.


Digital Learning Community

  • Group of five for social capital
  • Anyone - Anywhere - Anytime


Global Remote Projects

  • Deliver DX for corporates and municipalities
  • ICT design, development, training, maintenance, tec.


International Diversity Management

  • Refugees train new members, getting rewarded for contributions
  • Democratic decision making as a cooperative
robo co-op


Digital refugee-led cooperative


Refugees on The Rise vs Shortage of Digital Workers

Conflicts, corona, or climate changes. Just too much uncertainties are driving people displaced.
In 2022, the number of forcibly displaced people exceeded 100 million. They often lack
education and employment opportunity in host countries, being isolated.
Meanwhile, there is a global shortage of digital workers worldwide,
for about 100 million by 2030.


# of refugees in 2022


# of digital workers in short by 2030


Building a Better Future to Shine as We are
- Digital inclusion by Global Pioneers -

In Robo Co-op, everyone can get their second chance, and anyone can be a giver.
We are the ones to support each other with digital skills to go beyond borders.


Impact Bond x Impact Sourcing
= Social Innovation

Robo Co-op innovated both education and employment for all.
“CAREER IMPACT BOND” is a scholarship with “pay-it-forward” mechanism to
sustainably circulate reskilling and upskilling opportunities for career development by graduates.
“DIGITAL IMPACT SOURCING” is IT outsourcing by corporates for job inclusion opportunity to enable
both scalable social contribution for global companies, and flexible remote work projects for refugees worldwide.

The dual impacts accelerate equal opportunities for all global pioneers to go beyond border.


Pay It Forward

  • Free IT training with wraparound support.
  • Scholarship will be repaid once income increases.
  • Pay it forward to future trainees for sustainable education for all.

More education
opportunity for all!

Lowering cost and risk of
reskilling and upskilling


IT Outsourcing
for Good

  • Easier and more scalable sourcing for corporates than direct hiring.
  • Refugees can join the international team from anywhere across the globe.
  • Efficient outsources for sustainable job opportunity for all.

More job
opportunity for all!

Lowering cost and risk of
DX and social cohesion

Improve Both Social and Global Mobility

Digital skills enable to climb up social pyramid, improving social mobility.
Remote work enables anyone can be anywhere you want to be, improving global mobility.

Pioneering Voice

  • Mohamad

    “I could become a teacher of digital skill to give hope to our new members in Robo Co-op. And I could start my digital career to support Silicon Valley’s development from Istanbul remotely!”

  • Rozma

    “After evacuating from Afghan, I could get a laptop, and start learning new digital skill with Robo Co-op! Now I am working as a digital expert and my dream is to teach our Afghan women in the future.”


4 Core Value Propositions for Client

Both impact bond and impact sourcing not just solve inequality for refugees,
but also bring diverse values to companies for DX.


  1. CASE



    Test Automation

    Use RPA to test software for internationalization from remote for reasonable and flexible offshore automation.

  2. CASE


    Group Learning

    Customer Success

    Support software users’ customer success across the globe with our group learning method for anyone to be onboarded and learn digital skill (e.g. refugees teach global companies’ employees)

  3. CASE

    Recurrent Education

    Open Innovation

    Gen AI

    By opening up our internal workshops for continuous learning, facilitate open innovation lab with experts and corporates to pioneer new know-how of gen AI.

  4. CASE

    Time Difference


    Drone Operation

    To overcome driver shortage problem in the logistics industry, operate drones without language barrier from overseas through 5G, leveraging on time differences.

Founder's Message


金 辰泰Jintae Kim

The pain of refugees for identity crisis and financial crisis, I can feel them from my childhood. As a North Korean boy born and raised in Japan, my life was literally tough for everything going around international relationship. The North Korean passport was almost like stateless as I had to carry a special re-entry pass like other refugees in Japan, or I could not even go overseas.

And what completely changed my life was that my ethnic school went bankrupt when I was a kid. Because our parents’ generation could not obtain a decent job with a real name and nationality, many changed their identity, and many schools went bankrupt as students decreased. The schools were the center of the ethnic community, so the entire community almost vanished as well. I do believe in the power of community. My ethnic group created its own schools to protect and rebuild their life in a foreign country regardless of nationality.

So I created Robo Co-op to recreate an online community where everyone can support each other and build a better tomorrow with new digital skill. This is a school. And this is a new home for everyone, not only where anyone can get a second chance in their new life, but also where anyone can be a giver.

We teach our people who can be a next giver in the future. And we deliver value and hope to society through digital. Many professionals and corporates have become a giver to accelerate our inclusive impact. You can be a giver too.




Collaborate with Refugees through Robo Co-op

Robo Co-op is home to refugees who possess the power to break boundaries.
Please join us to collaborate with our refugee talents to build a better future together.

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  • Support with goods and services

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