Robo Co-op's Pledge for GRF 2023: Empowering Refugees through Digital Inclusion by Refugees

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Robo Co-op, a pioneering digital Refugee-Led Cooperative (RLC), is set to revolutionize refugee inclusion in the digital world. Our mission goes beyond borders, fostering a global online community where refugees expand both education and employment opportunity with digital skill for all by themselves. As we prepare to make our impactful pledge at the Global Refugee Forum 2023, we are committed to creating sustainable and scalable opportunities for refugees, driven by innovation and collaboration.

Our Pledge:
By 2027, in collaboration with our partners and refugee members, Robo Co-op commits to:

    1. Learn Together: Our commitment by 2027 is to train 300 individuals from 10 different ethnic groups. This initiative, in partnership with 10 NGOs and academic institutions, aims to build a self-sustaining cycle of learning and teaching within refugee communities though career impact bond.
    2. Work Together: We pledge to generate a total salary of 3 million USD for 100 ~ 200 refugee workers, alongside achieving 5 million USD in revenue. This will be done through strategic partnerships with 10 software companies and numerous corporate engagements, focusing on digital impact sourcing.
    3. Expand Together: Our goal is to establish 100 community members who can teach future generations, ensuring democratic decision-making within the cooperative for long-term sustainability and growth

Sustaining our Vision:
To ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of these initiatives, Robo Co-op will:

  1. Leverage Technology: Utilize cutting-edge digital tools to bridge gaps and create opportunities.
  2. Meaningful Refugee Participation: Empower refugees to be both learners and leaders for digital inclusion.
  3. Engage the Private Sector: Collaborate with business to enhance our impact and reach.

Join Us:
Robo Co-op invites partner organizations and corporates to join hands in supporting our pledge and activities. Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Endorsement: Show your commitment by endorsing our pledge and supporting our vision.
  2. Goods: Help refugees start their journey by giving essential office equipment like PCs, Wi-Fi, and generators.
  3. Services: If you're a software provider, train our members and grow your ecosystem. You can share licenses, e-learnings, or probono and volunteers as tutors and mentors.
  4. Donation: Contribute to our career impact bond, ensuring sustainable educational opportunities.
  5. Create Your Pledge: Align with our mission and craft a pledge that resonates with your values.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and anyone can be a giver. We are strong pioneers, building a better future together to shine as we are. With your support, Robo Co-op will continue to be a beacon of hope and innovation for refugees worldwide. Join us in building a future where digital inclusion isn't just a dream, but a reality for all.

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